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Bulle XL, Bulle L, Bulle M

Bulle XL, Bulle L, Bulle M


Please complete this form to personalize your Bubble.

1- Start by identifying yourself by indicating your first name, your last name, your e-mail address and possibly your telephone number, so that we can send you the quote corresponding to your personalization request.

2- Choose the size of your bubble (for information, the prices are as follows: 140 € for an M bubble, 230 € for an L bubble and 340 € for an XL bubble).

3- Indicate the thread colors by specifying the references you choose from the list of available threads (note: the threads presented on this page are in limited edition).

4- Choose the color of the fabric to make the base and the interior cushion.

You can choose additional options such as a waterproof cover to protect the cushion or the installation of a waterproofing varnish on your screen to protect it outdoors (for information, the prices are as follows: 40 € for a cover and 35 € for applying the varnish).

Finally, you can write us a message for any information you deem useful to send us.

Note that the time limit for manufacturing and shipping your bubble is 8 weeks. This period begins after validation of your order by payment.

Choix de la taille de la Bulle
Possible options  :

Thank you for your customization request!

List of possible choices for wires

The yarns shown in this section are limited edition.

List of possible choices for fabrics

Liste des choix possibles pour les Attach'Plumes